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We believe in community presence and have kept farm stores and shops in all the communities we serve.

Cooperatives and communities go together.

Part of the reason rural cooperatives came into existence more than a century ago was to supply goods and services to their farmer-members that weren’t otherwise available locally. And in some parts of the country, including here in northeast Montana, it’s as true today as it was back then. While it might seem unusual for an agricultural cooperative to offer things like clothing, hardware, and auto repair services, we do it because they are important to the communities we serve.

While our primary focus will always be on the agronomy, energy, feed, and grain marketing services, our member-owners count on us to deliver. We also believe it’s part of our responsibility to help make each of our local communities better places to live. We’re listening to what our customers want and need and will add products and services based on those requests.

PRO Co-op Service Stations

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Farm & Ranch Stores

PRO Co-op’s Farm and Ranch Stores offer many of the essentials for rural living, from feed and fencing supplies, to hats and hay feeders. Each of our five locations is a little different from the others, depending on what our local customers want, and delivery is always available. If you need something you don’t see in the store, let us know and we’ll order it for you.

Each Farm & Ranch Store is also a 24-hour fueling station and carries a complete selection of Cenex grease and lubricant products. You can also pick up coffee, soft drinks, on the go sandwiches, candy, and tobacco products while you’re here.


Full-Service Auto Shops

Need an oil change or your tires rotated? Is your check engine light on? Time to install new wiper blades, check your antifreeze, or replace a battery? Pull into any one of our full-service auto shops attached to PRO Co-op Stores in Peerless, Richland, Opheim, Scobey, and Flaxville.

Our professional technicians will provide you with a written estimate, perform the work you need, and get you back on the road as soon as possible. For the location nearest you, click on the link below.

Tire Truck Services

Flat tires on your heavy-duty equipment can steal away a lot of productive hours. So, if you have to deal with the headache of a flat tire in the field or roadside, you need a tire service that comes to you! Our full-service tire truck in Opheim serves our western customers, and a second truck in Scobey serves our customers to the east!

Our trucks will get the job done whether it be on-location tire and tube repair and/or replacement for all of your heavy-duty equipment, or just swapping sprayer tires for the farmer's needs! We carry many different quality brands to fit your budget, choice of ply, and tread design for the look want and the traction you need.

In Opheim, call Buc Weisert: 406-762-3231. In Scobey, call Gorden Blomquist: 406-487-2741.


Semi Truck and Trailer Service Shop

In 2019, PRO Co-op acquired Farmers Union Carriers, and with that came a very well-run diesel repair shop located in Scobey. Our certified mechanics can do almost any job related to the repair and maintenance of modern diesel trucks and trailers, including brake and clutch replacement, transmission repair, rear-end replacement, A/C repairs, wheel alignment, U-joint replacement, and engine tune-ups. All repair work is guaranteed.
We also perform DOT inspections, do oil samples, change oil, and apply grease as needed. For more information or to schedule an appointment, call Neil Holum at 406-487-2660.

Oil & Lubricants

Your dad probably told you that the best way to keep an engine running for a long time is to change your oil. And you know what? He was right. Extend your engine’s life by protecting it with a quality oil to reduce wear-and-tear!

At PRO Co-op, we’re proud to carry the Cenex line of premium lubricants and greases. Cenex tests their products extensively and has the data to back them up. For a complete list of Cenex lubricant products, click the link below or stop by one of our Farm & Ranch stores.

You’ve made a huge investment in your equipment and we understand that keeping your equipment running at peak performance is critical to your business. That is why CENEX offers the Cenex Total Protection Plan® Warranty. A comprehensive risk management tool for your operation that keeps you in the field and provides you peace of mind.

Store Locations

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