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PRO Co-op has two elevator locations for hard red spring wheat in Four Buttes and Opheim. You can deliver your wheat to the elevator, or we’ll come out and pick it up for you. Our grain team of Nicoli Lund and Danielle Hallock are in the wheat, pulse, and oilseed markets every single day by phone, text, and email with buyers all over the country.  

One the biggest advantages of marketing through the co-op is we know what’s it like to deal with buyers who are always looking for the lowest possible price. Our grain team will contact every potential buyer we know in order to get you the best price at any given time for your crop. By aggregating crops, we have more clout in the market than an individual selling on his own. To learn more about crop marketing at PRO Co-op, stop by our elevator offices today, or call Nicoli or Danielle at 406-762-3231.

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