Members’ economic stake is one of the cooperative principles. Member-owners share in the risk and rewards of their cooperative.

How patronage works at PRO Co-op

Patronage is a term that simply means return of capital to owners in the form of cash dividends. During years when the cooperative is profitable, we return most of those profits back to our member-owners.

Our philosophy regarding patronage is different from many co-ops, which often use retained profits to increase the value of their stock. However, members typically can’t cash out their shares until they retire from farming, while profits earned by the cooperative sit in a bank rather than circulating back through the community. 

At PRO Co-op, we believe in returning profits to stakeholders every year. Typically, our member-owners receive 10-12% of the money they spend at the co-op (including fertilizer) in the form of patronage. To learn more, talk to Tanner Trower in Scobey.

PRO Co-op Patronage

Questions? Contact:
Tanner Trower General Manager Scobey

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