Bulk fuel, including gasoline, diesel and propane, delivered directly to your farm, ranch, home or business.

Energy Drives Our Local Economy

Fuel to power our tractors and combines, heat our homes and transport our livestock and grain is critical to our very way of life here in northeast Montana. Which is why PRO Co-op continues to build out its energy products and service offerings. By aligning ourselves with well-established energy partners such as CHS, a farmer-owned cooperative with its own refineries in Montana and Kansas, we’re working to ensure a stable, dependable supply of fuel for years to come.

PRO Co-op Energy

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Propane Safety

At PRO Co-op, safety is job one, two and three. Our propane technicians are CETP certified by the National Propane Gas Association and Propane Education & Research Council. Our bulk truck delivery drivers are trained on safe fuel handling practices and emergency management procedures in the unlikely event of an accident or spill. We are keenly aware of the risks associated with handling highly flammable bulk fuels, and will do everything we can to ensure the safety of our employees, customers and rural communities we serve.


PRO Co-op Energy Manager Jason Nasby 406-783-7321

National Propane Gas Association
Propane Education & Research Council

Energy Products

The addition of Farmers Union Carriers to the PRO Co-op family of businesses now allows us to provide home, farm and commercial delivery of propane, along with gasoline and premium diesel fuel, to our business and residential customers. We also offer an extensive inventory of high-quality Cenex grease and lubricant products through our farm & ranch stores. If you are interested in bulk lubricant delivery (drums and totes) directly to your farm, ranch or business, please contact Jason Nasby at 406-783-7321 for more information.

Below are listed some of the most popular products we provide. If you don’t see what you need here, call us!

Complete Cenex product data sheets are available on
Lubricant Products
Grease Products


Online Fuel/Propane Order

PRO Co-op now provides you with a new online fuel ordering option. Simply click the button below and complete our online purchase information. It’s secure, fast and easy, and available 24/7. 

When you purchase fuel from our co-op, you can expect complete pricing transparency. We list everything right up front, with no surprise fees or hidden charges. And at the end of the year, you may be eligible for a cash dividend based on your purchases. Try getting that with any other fuel supplier!

PRO Co-op Propane Equipment Services

If it has to do with propane equipment we either have it or have access to get it. Usually available next day.

Equipment for Sale

PRO Co-op has a vast line of equipment available in our inventory. For more information call Jason Nasby for your propane equipment needs.

Propane Tanks for Lease

Call Marla Gray for further leasing information.

Equipment Service

Tank installation, propane system repairs, interior exterior vapor distribution systems, trenching, barbecue propane cylinder refills. We also offer underground gas line detection.

Coming soon, propane cylinder exchange at our energy locations.

For more services and information call Jason Nasby at 406-487-2612.

Equipment Services

Questions? Contact:
Jason Nasby Energy Manager

Marla Gray

Manage Fuel Costs

One way to manage your fuel costs is to set up regularly-scheduled fuel delivery from PRO Co-op, and spread your payments out over the entire year. You’ll know exactly what your monthly fuel costs will be, without the huge spikes at planting and harvest. Contracting fuel also helps smooth out energy price swings during the year, allowing you to average your fuel costs rather than trying to time the lowest prices.

 Fuel Delivery

Questions? Contact:
Jason Nasby Energy Manager

Will Call

Manage your own fuel costs by monitoring your own usage. Order online or use will call at PRO Co-op’s convenience.*

Keep Fill Program

PRO Co-op is responsible for keeping your tanks full during our usual fill route every 40 days. To be eligible you need to guarantee you will be safe with 40 days between fill-ups.

Tank Monitoring

Never run low on fuel again when you install and subscribe to our electronic tank monitoring service. The Bluetooth-enabled devices send a signal to your smart phone—or our service department—to let you know it’s time for a refill.

Monitors are available for tanks holding propane, gasoline and diesel fuel.

Of course, we can always fill your tanks with a simple phone call, or top them off on a regularly-scheduled route delivery.

To learn more about electronic tank monitoring and pricing, call Jason today.

*We won’t leave you without fuel in an urgent situation.

Available Contract Options for Fuel & Propane

To be eligible for a contract option you need to order 5,000 gallons or more.

If interested, call for available fuel and propane contracts with PRO Co-op.

Before You Call

To prepare for a contract order, please review the example contract and be ready with the relevant information.

Download a PDF of an example form >

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