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If you had a dollar for every product or service that promised to make you more money, put more bushels in the bin or make your job easier, you’d probably be a millionaire already. One of the reasons to do business with people who know you, your land and the way you farm, is to help separate fact from fiction. Our employees aren’t trained to sell; they’re trained to listen. And our goal every day is to help you be more successful in your farming business. 

We also know that you have choices as to where you purchase your crop inputs and services. But when you purchase from us, your money stays right here in northeastern Montana. It’s a virtuous cycle that promotes jobs and livelihoods in our own communities, while providing the products and services you need to remain among the most productive farmers on the planet.

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Although PRO Co-op has more than 600 member-owners, we treat each customer as an individual, with your own needs and interests, and your own way of doing things. We’ll always offer you straight up advice based on data-driven research, as well as shared knowledge and observation from our colleagues near and far. We offer many grower education opportunities in the form of field days, grower meetings, newsletters and more to ensure our customers are up to date on the ever-changing world of agriculture.  We know that when our customers are profitable, our co-op will be profitable. And that’s a win for everyone. 

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Precision farming: is it time to step up?

The days of applying the same amount of fertilizer across an entire field are coming to an end. For one thing, it’s a waste of money. For another, it increases the risk of nutrients and chemicals ending up in the local watershed. Precision farming is really about maximizing yields on your best ground, and it’s not as hard as you might think.
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Crop Nutrients

With 21,000 tons of dry fertilizer storage between our two plants in Richland and Madoc, PRO Co-op has product available when you need it. These modern facilities utilize state-of-the-art automation in order to efficiently track, blend, and deliver quality product in a very short amount of time.

Both plants are equipped to impregnate Agrotain Advanced (to protect against nitrogen volatility) and ProCote Zinc onto your granular blend without over-application that can result in plugged equipment.

Liquid fertilizer (UAN 28% and more) is stored at our Richland location. In-field delivery of both liquid and dry fertilizer is accomplished with our well-maintained fleet of trucks and trailers, as well as local team members who are committed to keeping you rolling.

Crop Protection

There are certain insect, disease and weed control issues that can only be dealt with using targeted crop protection products. At PRO Co-op, we carry labels from all of the major manufacturers, including Syngenta, Corteva and Bayer.

Our team of professional agronomists know which chemistries are most effective against each type of weed and pest. They also stay in touch with agronomists throughout our area and into southern Canada to find out what is working best in the field in real time. If you can combine a fertilizer and a herbicide or pest control application, we’ll tell you and save you an extra trip across your fields.

Our goal is always to do right by our customers, and to help you be as profitable on every acre as you possibly can.

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PRO Co-op agronomy offers a variety of popular seed brands for small grain, pasture, alfalfa and cover crops. We carry both Croplan® and InVigor® canola varieties, as well as Croplan corn and alfalfa seed.

For grasses and conventional alfalfa, we’re proud to offer Buffalo Brand Seed, including custom mixes, native, pasture grasses and annual forages. Our cover crop seed comes from North 40 Ag, which specializes in custom mixes based on individual grower needs. For our local corn and soybean growers, we also carry advanced, short-season corn hybrids and soybean varieties from Rob-See-Co. 
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Inoculants are necessary for pulse crops to fix nitrogen, and can also contain plant growth regulators to get your crop off to a fast start.  Our professional agronomists can help you choose the products that are best suited to your farm and the crops you grow.  Call us today!

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