About PRO Co-op

The PRO in our name means different things to different people, and that’s okay with us.

What’s in a name?

The PRO Co-op name originally came about when three smaller Montana cooperatives merged to become the Peerless, Richland and Opheim Co-op in 1989. As additional locations and services were added, the name was shortened to “PRO” Co-op. The word pro itself also reflects the type of customers we serve—professional, progressive farmers who raise specialized, non-traditional crops in a challenging part of the country. You could also say we are pro cooperative, a business model that helps keep money you spend circulating right here, in northeastern Montana. Finally, we are very much pro community, bringing jobs, products and services to our small towns, and giving back in ways large and small.


Provide innovative and effective solutions for ag producers to maximize the success of their farm and ranch operations.


Be the leader and preferred partner in agriculture advice, products, and services for our stakeholders.


Our value lies within our people

PRO Co-op has built a trusted business by having outstanding employees who take pride in our business and the communities that surround them. This is also true of our patrons. PRO Co-op has been able to flourish over the years due to the loyalty of the customers in this area.  These customers understand that it takes all of us working together and supporting our local businesses and organizations to keep the facilities that we rely on everyday.  Our values, whether it be our employees or customers, are a true reflection of this entire community.

Tanner Trower

General Manager

Seven Cooperative Principles

Voluntary and open membership

Democratic member control

Members’ economic participation

Autonomy and independence

Education, training, and information

Cooperation among cooperatives

Concern for community

Board of Directors


Our History

PRO Co-op is the combination of seven original cooperatives in northeast Montana. In 1987, Farmers Union Oil of Peerless acquired Farmers Union Oil of Opheim after a rental agreement for a couple years.  In 1989, Richland Farm Supply merged with the two locations and the name PRO Co-op (Peerless, Richland, Opheim) was introduced. Elevators in Peerless and Opheim were purchased in 2005, followed by the Four Buttes elevator in 2009. 

Then in 2014, the original PRO Co-op merged with Grain Growers Oil Company of Scobey and Flaxville. Grain Growers of Scobey was originally established in 1928, and acquired Flaxville Farmers Union Oil in 1995. PRO Co-op maintains a store and/or elevator in each of these towns, providing services and products to our loyal patrons across northeastern Montana.

Giving Back to Our Communities

Being generous with our time and money is something we take seriously at PRO Co-op. You’ll find our employees working in every community we serve, volunteering as coaches, committee members, fire fighters and EMTs.

We give money to projects that make life better for everyone here in northeastern Montana, including the swimming pool and movie theatre in Scobey, as well as the new pool in Glasgow. We often get matching grants for these gifts from our cooperative partners at Land O’Lakes and CHS. And we’re always willing to listen to funding requests from our communities; if there’s one you’d like to talk about, please contact Tanner Trower in Scobey.

Our spring pancake breakfast, and our cooperative’s annual meeting in the fall, are opportunities for friends, neighbors and customers from the community to enjoy a little time together

Contact Us

If you have questions or are trying to reach any of our PRO Co-op team members or locations, please call our main office in Scobey. We’ll connect you with the right person to answer your questions. 

PRO Co-op Ag Center

Main Office
80 Hwy 5
Scobey, MT 59263

Mailing Address
PO Box 847
Scobey, MT 59263

Business: 406-487-2612
Agronomy: 406-487-2742

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